2D / 3D Engineering Services

2D / 3D Engineering Drafting

Allow our Engineering and Design team to handle the complexities of Product Design and Analysis. Our team’s extensive technical expertise and experience assist you in every way possible to provide you with the answers.

Our Services

Our specialized CAD services include 3D modelling, 2D drafting, sketch-up, manufacturing drawing and animations. We ensure the high quality services best-in-the-industry assistance in technology. With us, you will continuously enjoy the most affordable services even better than your in-house services. We are providing the following services:

  • 2D CAD Services

Whether you need 2D CAD services for simple sketches & tender drawings to as-built record drawings, we have got it all covered for you. Our 2D CAD services include Mechanical 2D drafting, Civil 2D drafting, Architectural 2D drafting, Structural CAD drawings, Construction & Manufacturing drawings.

Our 2D CAD drafts always undergo a multilayered quality check for ensuring their accuracy and best quality. Our aim is always to provide quality drawings to suit your deadline.

  • 3D CAD Services

Our goal is simply to offer precise, dimensionally correct CAD files that also reflect your exact specifications. Our 3Dd CAD services include 3D Modeling and Drafting, 3D CAD Modeling, 3D Mechanical Drafting,  3D Civil Drafting,  3D Architectural Drafting, 3D Visualization, and Rendering.

  • Reverse Engineering

Opt for our Reverse Engineering Service to get skilled engineers to work on your projects quickly and cost-effectively. Our problem-solving, consultative method will help you quantify performance targets and eventually get you the deliverable you need.

  • Creative Design services for Custom models

Our talented and skilled 3D artists use the latest technology developments to adapt to the needs of our clients and deliver low 3D models of any complexity and assignment. Our highly qualified 3D modelers deliver high-quality 3D models on time and at affordable rates. 


  1. How to approach us?

Provide our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services with your drawings to be converted into CAD. You can email or FTP scans of your drawings through our Send Order page. For email or FTP, the sheets should be scanned at 200 dpi and saved in TIF or PDF format. Once we have received your new project, you will receive an email confirmation indicating the date on which you will receive your completed CAD files.

  1. What types of sheets can you handle?

All forms of commercial and residential drawings are converted using our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services, including architectural, engineering, maps, construction papers, utility plans, and more. Unless you specify otherwise, we will redraw everything on your sheet.

  1. What is the process?

Your designs are meticulously redrawn into full-scale 1:1, layered CAD files that are 100 percent dimensionally accurate. The CAD files will be completed within the specified turnaround time. Your sheets are not scanned or vectorized as part of our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services.


3D Modelling Services

We provide precise and professional 3D product modeling and 3D rendering services that can help you attract consumers from the design, construction, and engineering industries using 3D rendered models. Our service solutions are perfectly adapted to all types of computer-generated graphic projects, as we have years of expertise in 3D modeling.

Our 3D modeling work activities are:

  • Structural modeling
  • Extraction of Isometric drawings
  • Instrument modeling
  • Equipment Modeling
  • Piping and Plant Modeling 

Our Standards

Our 3D product modeling process begins with sculpting, rendering, animation, video editing which is afterward followed by product modeling to clearly define every product aspect for faster sale purposes.

We follow a rigorous process to succeed in every product modeling venture. The steps making up the process include:

  • Collecting Requirements
  • Analyzing Requirements and Beginning the Project
  • Model Creation
  • Developing 3D models
  • Customizing Models as per Client Needs
  • Client Approval and Final Delivery


  1. Can I communicate with the team throughout the process?

You sure can. Our clients communicate with Managers and project teams all the time through our online platform. You can ask questions, leave comments and check on the task progress.

  1. What is your turnaround time?

On average, 1 lifestyle takes up to 48 hours. The exact time, however, depends on many factors – number of views, model complexity, background. To learn how much time your project will take, please contact us through the form.

  1. What files do I need to send you an order to start a project?

We accept all types of files, including sketches and video briefings. The only rule here is that if you want us to strictly follow your drawings, you need to send them. Ideally, we prefer to work with the following materials:

For plans and drawings – CAD format, pdf or any other vector format

If you have a ready-to-use 3D model of an object in any format (stl, 3ds, max, obj, etc.)

Please send links to the product’s website or images of the product in any format you have to show how it looks.

You’re unsure? Just put everything you’ve got in there!

2d engg 1 scaled
3d modelling 1 scaled