Our Story

Al Hirfa was born from Synaptic Vanguard WLL in response to the growing demand for crafting Qatar’s abundant and luxurious legacy. We are driven by our core values for innovative ideas that are applied robustly with uncompromising honesty and accountability resulting in fresh and new look of Qatar’s legacy in crafted form.

Al Hirfa has a strong foundation in R&D rooted from Synaptic Vanguard WLL. We pride ourselves of having state-of-the-art technologies in fabrication services such as Epoxy Sand Casting, 3D Printing, Laser Engraving / Cutting, Wood working, Metal Working and 2D/3D Engineering.

Al Hirfa is evolving and growing in response to Qatar’s diversifying requirements. We are privileged to fulfil the desire to own bespoke gifts and souvenirs while supporting indigenous talents. We are committed to accelerating sustainable solutions in accordance with Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

Synaptic Vanguard WLL was founded in 2017 to set a new standard for R&D, Fabrication services and Web solution services in Qatar.

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With me, stands my resilient, persistent, and garden-behind -the-dumpster-minded team. They are the strength of this company and they are the doer, the enabler, and the deliverer of our mission and vision to you.